(that take a pro-neurodiversity perspective)


  • ASAN (US-based, but with international chapters)
  • AutCom (US)
  • Autism Women’s network (US)
  • Autistic UK
  • AMASE (Edingburgh, UK)
  • AutAngel (Reading, UK)
  • Autistica (a research charity that is incorporating autistic participation)
  • CRAE at the IOE at UCL have a focus on promoting participatory autism research
  • International Aspergirls Society (run by Rudy Simone) (worldwide)
  • Spectrum Women magazine
  • Masking magazine
  • Spectrum (digital magazine from the NAS)
  • Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism
  • More coming soon!


Autistic-run journals and publishers: Autonomy, AutPress


In-person autistic communities:


  • Autscape (UK)
  • Autspace (US)
  • The National Autistic Society may run social groups local to you (UK)
  • Meetup has some autistic gatherings in many major cities worldwide
  • If you know of any more let me know and I will add them to the list!







I have a Pinterest page with links to some great (in my view) videos about autism. Currently there are approaching 300(!), and I am forever adding more – 


My favourite autistic Youtubers and autism-related channels (as of December 2018), include:


  • Amythest Schaber
  • Neurodivergent Rebel
  • Aspergers from the Inside
  • Purple Ella
  • Invisible i
  • Agony Autie
  • Lilly Alive
  • B blushes
  • TheAnMish
  • Melanie Yergeau
  • Kieran Rose
  • Becca Lory
  • Nathan Selove
  • Phoebe
  • Super pepette (Fr)
  • Runaway Germ
  • Autistic Changeling




Autistic Twitter


Good hashtags to follow include: #ActuallyAutistic and #AskingAutistics.




Autistic Twitter people include:


  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


Plus tonnes more – I could never list them all here. And a load more I haven’t yet come across. The autistic community on Twitter seems rather big. I would definitely recommend it as the place to go if you want to connect with other autistic people online.


You can always see the people I follow to find more autistic people on Twitter –



Autistic Facebook groups


Coming soon!






Check out this Pinterest page for a log of all the books I’ve read on autism. There are a few I wouldn’t recommend… especially some of the ones I read earlier in my post-diagnostic journey. But most of them are very good. 


My favourites include:


  • Authoring Autism, Melanie Yergeau – indescribably good   [academic/autie-ethnography]
  • A mismatch of salience, Damian Milton   [academic]
  • Theory of Mind and the triad of perspective on autism, Olga Bogdashina [academic, textbook, narrative]
  • Odd Girl Out, Laura James  [autiebio]
  • The Real Experts, Michelle Sutton (eds) [compilation of blog posts, advocacy]
  • A Field guide to Earthlings, Ian Ford
  • La Difference Invisible, Juie Dachez [French comicbook]
  • Shy, Nerdy and Socially Inappropriate, Cynthia Kim (runs the Musings of an Aspie blog) [autiebio, some academics]
  • Aspergirls, Rudy Simone [narrative].
  • Somebody Somewhere, Donna Williams [autiebio] – outdated now, and contains some troubling representation of autism – but still so worth reading, it is a deserved classic (along with the others in the series)





More coming soon!